AMIMUN Giveaway, Free Copies of 1AVCapture

We bring to you another huge giveaway 1AVCapture. This time we are giving away infinite number of licences for the software. Usually costing US $59.99 the software allows you to capture images, record video, and record audio from any source available on your PC. Just click the link below, fill the registration form to get serial number and hit the download link.


Capture and record anything you can hear or see on your PC. 1AVCapture records video from your webcam, the PC desktop, from your TV tuner, or from inside websites or media players. . While some programs. The program also records audio from any source including streaming audio, CDs, audio from DVDs, games, and voice.

1AVCapture is designed to capture and record any video and/or audio stream on your computer. Its interface can have the video source separate for gaining space and making it practical to be used. 1AVCapture is ideal for capturing songs from the web, and videos as well.

1AVCapture also comes with a live real-time video streaming feature. With one click you will be broadcasting your webcam or desktop with audio in high resolution over the web in a customized webpage inside your own website. It is all automatic and very easy to setup.

It will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.

To get your free copy of 1AVCapture simply Click Here

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