AMIMUN’11 Update

The final list for the Executive Board will be soon uploaded.

Application for International Press open till 15th Nov 2010 midnight. APPLY NOW!

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18 Responses to AMIMUN’11 Update

  1. Sadhika Gupta says:

    Hey! When will the list of the delegates be put up?????

    • admin says:

      We still have not opened regular delegate registration for AMIMUN’11, currently only preliminary applications are invited. Delegate registration will be soon opened and the final list of delegates will declared a month hence.

  2. Bharat Seth says:

    when will the exec board list be out?

  3. Jayesha says:

    And the IP lists will be out around the same time?

  4. Utkarsh Pandey says:

    When will the International Press members be announced?

  5. diksha says:

    whats the eligibility for the delegates..?

  6. Shubham Goel says:

    Hey! When will the Executive Board finally be announced? :D

  7. Sameera says:

    what is the fees for delegate registration ?? also when will the list of delegates registration happen ?

  8. Utkarsh Pandey says:

    Is there a second round of selection for the Press, or will it be selected purely on the basis of the submitted applications?

  9. piyush says:

    please clarify the difference between primary delegate application and regular application which has opened today? does a person who has applied before in primary application has to apply again? what was the relevance of applying in the primary one?

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