…in harmony with nature

14 – 16 March

After the grand success of AMIMUN’11, we are honoured to invite you to the second Amity International Model United Nations, 2012. Taking AMIMUN’12 a step ahead, we are simulating 5 councils as follows:

  1. General Assembly-II (ECOFIN)
  2. General Assembly-III (SOCHUM)
  3. Security Council (UNSC)
  4. Commission of Science and Technology for Development (CSTD)
  5. Human Right Council (UNHRC)

The conference emphasizes upon “Sustainable Development – In harmony with nature”.

AMIMUN is an interactive opportunity for students to become familiar with international issues and the workings of the United Nations organization. Students assume roles of diplomats representing various member-states of the UN and simulate various committees, agencies, specific organs, and programmes of the United Nations system. Through this debate and negotiation delegates attempt to resolve regional and international problems. They not only learn about the UN system but also find out about economic, social and environmental issues pertinent in today’s world

In the century of the economic boom, there is a hurry to reap as many benefits in as little time as possible. Growth, development and profit – these are the motivational forces in today’s fast paced world. All the demands of developing and developed nations require the manipulation of natural resources. It is in demanding times like the present that the world has become aware of how these resources are fast depleting. The world is now confronted with the challenge of optimizing the use of the currently available resources in a way to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising on the requirements of the future generation. To add to this, now it is also imperative that our fragile environment suffers the least damage possible. In more technical terms, sustainable development is the need of the hour. The world is in a sudden need of awakening. AMIMUN’12 is a step to understand how our world is changing and what options exist to move forward in harmony with nature

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