AMIMUN’12 Agendas


…in harmony with nature

14 – 16 March

General Assembly Second Committee: Economic and Financial (ECOFIN)

  1. Underground Economies.
  2. Integration of least developed sub – Saharan African states into the world economy.

General Assembly Third Committee: Social, Cultural and Humanitarian (SOCHUM)

  1. Elimination of all forms of intolerance of discrimination based on religion or belief.
  2. Development and the rights of indigenous people.

Human Rights Council

  • Human Rights of HIV positive persons.

United Nations Security Council

  1. Impact of Armed conflicts on sustainable development.
  2. Militarization of the arctic and its impact on the Sub-Arctic zone.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

  1. Protection of the biodiversity abundant in all regions to achieve sustainable growth.
  2. Economic growth with respect to sustainable development.

Commission on Science and Technology for Development

  1. Developing ICT’s in rural areas and developing countries.
  2. Participation of civil society and business sector entities for development of socio – economic inclusive information society.

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