Human Rights Council


…in harmony with nature

Executive Board

Chair: Jivitesh Vashisht
Vice Chair: Nandini Dey


  • Human Rights of HIV positive persons.

Background Guide: Download Here

In March 2006, the General Assembly voted to create the Human Rights Council, which would replace the much-criticized Commission on Human Rights. The Human Rights Council, like the Commission before it, addresses human rights violations around the world. It is guided by the principles of universality, impartiality, objectivity and non-selectivity. It aims at constructive international dialogue and cooperation, with a view to enhance the promotion and protection of all human rights, be it civil, political, economic, social or cultural. (Including the right to development); The Human Rights Council is composed of 47 countries, which are elected by a majority of the General Assembly through a secret ballot. In an effort to remedy the controversy surrounding the Commission on Human Rights, member states of the Council are required to uphold human rights in their own countries and policies. Council members with “gross and systematic violations of human rights” may have their membership suspended. The Council meets at least three times a year as the issues that it addresses are the most fundamental and basic needs of the downtrodden – issues that cannot be overlooked.

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