Day 1: Wednesday, 14th March, 2012

Living up to the grand opening of AMIMUN ‘12, ECOFIN started off on the exact same note with plenty of excitement and enthusiasm being shown by the 22 participating delegates.
General Assembly 2 (ECOFIN) had two agendas put up for discussion:
1. Underground Economies.
2. Integration of least developed sub – Saharan African states into the world economy.

On the first day, the Chair introduced only one of them on the floor: “Underground Economies”, which meant that the burden of saving our beloved planet, firmly entangled in the grasps of an economic crisis, now rested on the shoulders of the young delegates present, all clad in professional attires, ready to change the world.

The council, teeming with first timers, needed a quick run through the rule book and it eventually gained pace with the Delegates from Canada and Thailand anchoring the show firmly in meaningful and relevant waters. These delegates never failed to lose the same impression: they passed chits that read, “I guess you wanted to say everything. I couldn’t get it. Send it in writing”. That’s one very keen pair of delegates.

Unfortunately for the session, apart from the two of them, the majority of the remaining 20 delegates seemed nervous and unsure. Something that seemed to have been noticed by the Chair who recommended a motion of un-moderated Caucus, which was promptly raised by the council members.

Later, noticing the flow of discussion in the council was still dragging on at a fairly slow pace, the Executive Board encouraged the delegates to raise a moderated caucus. The Chair took matters in her own hands with a shout of “Delegates, wake up! I urge you to speak!”.

That shout finally seemed to have stirred some souls. Active participation from the member delegates led to many important points being discussed, such as legalizing prostitution and the contribution of activities like drug trafficking, smuggling, etc., towards the development of underworld economies. Towards the end, more and more delegates started coming up with ideas and solutions, ensuring an exciting end to the session, leaving us at the International Press with the hope of plenty of interesting discussions to report to you tomorrow.

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