DAY 1: Wednesday, 14th March, 2012.

When a person enters the conference room at a Model United Nations, the heart skips a beat, there is an adrenaline rush and there is a realization that you finally have a chance to work for something meaningful, work for the basic rights of every living human being.

The Human Rights Council at AMIMUN’12 saw the participation of a lot of young budding speakers who were apprehensive at the beginning but gradually started to come into their own as the session proceeded. By tea-time, the Executive Board, being well-versed with the proceedings of the council, was able to build a strong rapport with the delegates and comfortably work with them towards maintaining the general conversation and decorum of the session.

The agendas for the council were:
1. Ensuring the equality of women
2. Relaxation of travel laws for HIV+ victims.

France was the country which was upfront enough to take a stand and initiate the General Speakers List followed by Afghanistan, Australia, India and Sudan. The council sessions were marked by plenty of inspired and brilliant moments. The agenda of ensuring equality for women elicited one such moment from the Delegate from India, as other delegates went completely off-topic to the point where medicinal solutions to diseases such as AIDS were being discussed under the agenda of feminine equality. The Delegate from India was kind enough to bring to notice that laws would probably help more than medicines as far as creating a structure for feminine equality was concerned.

The Council got down to serious work towards the end of the day’s sessions with some positive and meaningful work being done on the agenda of relaxation of travel laws for HIV+ victims. The second day should see some interesting work being done at the Human Rights Council.

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