The opening ceremony of AMIMUN ’12 began with a rendition of the sacred Saraswati Vandana along with the lighting of the lamp, which had a perceivable calming and humbling effect on the audience. It was followed by a video clip showcasing the immense success of AMIMUN ’11. The welcome address by Dr. Malathi Subramanian, Chairperson of AMIMUN ’12, Director of Student Affairs (ASET, AUUP), focused on the theme of this year’s AMIMUN: the amalgamation of social sciences and technology for the inclusion of Sustainable Development in all governmental domestic and foreign policies. Calling herself a “Social Scientist”, she urged the young minds present in the audience to work towards rectification of the entire system of human values and beliefs. Through AMIMUN ’12, she urged them to device green technology solutions, helping create an international structure to cater to the needs of not just national economies but the future of our planet as well.

Dr. (Mrs.) Balvinder Shukla, Patron of AMIMUN ’12, Pro-VC (AUUP), Director General (ASET), started off her speech by conjuring the image of National Geographic documentaries, bringing to mind the beauty of Mother Nature. She alleged humans of being the “most dangerous animals” due to their destructive way of life. She brought to notice the fact that the simple act of cutting a tree in a matter of minutes causes damage to the ecosystem that takes it years to compensate for. Calling to attention how harmful current industrial and international diplomatic activities are, she inspired the audience with her vision of a better world where human beings could put their greed aside and answer Mother Nature’s call.

Distinguished Guest of Honour, Mr. Mathew Hammill, Economic Affairs Officer, ESCAP, SRO-SSWA, addressing the delegates as “Excellencies”, centered his speech on the socio-economical and environmental imperatives of today’s world. He reiterated the fact that all the nations of the world need to come to a consensus over the burning issue that threatens the human race with nothing less than eventual extermination – Sustainable Development.

Aditya Kundu, Secretary General of AMIMUN ’12, focused his speech around the four vital agendas of climate change, eradication of poverty, diversity, production-consumption structures and the need for global governance. Being the secretary general, he opened the floor for the conference.

After the vote of thanks by Mansi Srivastava, President of AMIMUN ’12, the ceremony concluded with a question-answer session between the audience and the Guest of Honour, Mr. Mathew Hammill. It featured questions ranging from the relationship between AMIMUN ‘12’s theme and the issues addressed by the United Nations, to the influence the United States of America exerts over the United Nations. The session lasted for a quarter of an hour and was indeed very educational and informative, leaving the delegates intrigued and curious about what was to follow.

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