DAY 1: Wednesday, 14th March, 2012

General Assembly Third Committee: Social, Cultural and Humanitarian involved the following agendas:
1. Elimination of all forms of intolerance of discrimination based on religion or belief.
2. Development and the rights of indigenous people.

The first day for SOCHUM at AMIMUN ’12 saw the participation of delegates from 19 countries. It started off with an explanation by the Chair of the terms and clauses mentioned in the Delegate Handbook. Work on the agendas was then initiated by the Chair and the delegates gradually started coming together to create an open and intelligent conversation. A moderated caucus was raised by the Delegate of Australia on the topic “Upliftment of Indigenous people”. After multiple voting rounds, participation from the delegates followed and some fairly relevant and interesting questions were raised.

Not to be left behind, the Delegate of Thailand came up with an un-moderated caucus on “How to provide citizenship to people who are not the citizens of that particular country”. The session was adjourned after intense discussions on the agendas, which should only see even more involved and informed participation when the delegates get together on the second day of AMIMUN ’12.

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