DAY 1: Wednesday, 14th March, 2012

Day 1 of AMIMUN’12 at the CSTD and UNSC got off to a slow, bit unsure start as the majority of the 15 participating delegates included first time MUNers. Constant efforts from the Executive Board made the delegates feel much more comfortable and there was a definite increase in confidence levels as the session proceeded.

The combined agendas of the two councils were:
1. Impact of Armed conflicts on Sustainable Development.
2. Militarization of the Arctic and the impact on the Sub-Arctic zone.

The Executive Board briefly explained the procedural rules that govern the Council. The Delegate of China initiated the council discussion with an Order of Motion. A Provisional Speakers’ List was created which included the delegates of Russian Federation, Canada, USA , China and Iran.

The highlight of the combined session was a crisis introduced by the Chair. It involved a ship with a Nicaraguan flag whose content and pathway exits were initially unknown. This led to a conflict between the Canadian and Russian Federation governments as Canada accused Russia of bombarding missiles on the ship in Arctic waters, which was eventually leading to oil spills in Canada’s marine territory. The conference thereafter developed into a potent combination of active participation, intrigue and curiosity on the part of the delegates. They employed the majority of the remaining session searching for logical solutions and the day ended with the promise of those solutions being discussed and refined in the upcoming sessions.

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